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Portland Mag

4.4 ( 7994 ratings )
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Established in 1985, Portland Magazine celebrates the region’s native appeal with award-winning columns on the waterfront; profiles of the region’s business and people; and features on the area’s arts, getaways, maritime history, geography, and cuisine.

In addition, each issue captures our audience with new fiction, great listings, and exclusive angles on issues that affect everyday life. From realistic assessments of the local economy and its political vagaries to stories on personalities who have chosen our area over all others, to Maine’s own variations of the work ethic, to light-hearted glimpses of Yankee contradictions, we consistently present fresh narratives about the greatest place in the world to visit, to do business in, and to live.

More than just a city-lifestyle magazine, Portland Magazine offers an extra-ordinary perspective of Maine that has made it the favorite in area hotels, airlines, and waiting rooms, as well as a leader in subscription and single-copy sales.